Functional Health 

Investigating Wellness: The Role of Comprehensive Health Care

In our journey to find true wellness in Utah, it's important to find the "root cause." 

Have you ever heard of "functional health"? It involves scrutinizing all facets of our bodies to ensure they function cohesively.

Functional health practitioners in Utah aim to take the time to dig deep to find the root causes behind the various health challenges you might be experiencing. 

It's useful to picture our bodies as puzzles, with various ailments revealing potential missing puzzle pieces. 

Conventional or "Western" medicine may provide temporary relief, like placing a band-aid. Western medicine is also incredibly useful for critical health situations, like if we need emergency surgery. 

But what if we want to locate the missing piece and find answers to the chronic problem that isn't an "emergency" - but still causes us issues daily?

Root-Cause Healthcare

Enter "root cause integrative care" - a method that aids in understanding the underlying reasons for not feeling our best. It involves scrutinizing the entire puzzle to determine why the piece is missing, rather than just masking the issue. It enables us to understand the internal workings of our bodies.

Bloodwork, both in conventional as well as functional healthcare, is utilized as a fundamental test, and it offers valuable insights as a starting point for healing. 

It serves as a baseline, providing crucial, well-rounded information about our health. 

Similar to how a detective relies on clues to solve a case, comprehensive bloodwork equips healthcare professionals with essential data to understand the body at a snapshot in time. 

Functional health in Utah, as well as in other states, often focuses on the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and practitioners emphasize the need to provide our bodies with the right fuel. Other lifestyle choices, such as ensuring sufficient sleep and incorporating relaxation techniques, also contribute significantly to our overall health.

Functional Healthcare vs. Conventional Healthcare

What makes root-cause integrative care different is its personalized focus and movement towards focusing on the "basics." 

Healthcare professionals who focus on functional health often take the time to understand the individual as a whole person.  They aim to comprehend your background and develop strategies to rectify health issues in a manner that suits the individual's unique needs. 

This approach resembles having a knowledgeable guide to assist us in optimizing our well-being.

Looking ahead, a potential shift in our perspective on health may involve more individuals receiving comprehensive care that considers the entire picture, rather than addressing isolated components.

Ultimately, functional healthcare in Utah should aim to focus on the individual and their unique circumstances.