Health. Answers. Simplified. 

Get back to life. Get back to living. 

Healthcare is broken. 

Western or Alternative. 

Functional or Traditional. 

Tests, tests, and more tests.

Everything comes back "normal" and you still feel terrible.

Or, you get 28 tests back, all of it is a whirlwind.

From there you start frustrating diets and supplements, and nothing works. 

It's all so exhausting. 

We simplify healthcare

Appointments that give you actionable value, so you can get your precious time back. 

No fad diets, 38 different supplements, or expensive testing here. 

Our strategy: 

We take your "normal" bloodwork and equip you to understand it. 

We then give you actionable steps 

to help get you on the path to wellness.

Giving you back your Time, and getting you on the path to Health. 

We can't wait to get started. 

You've been told your bloodwork is "normal", but you still feel terrible all the time. 

Here are just a few symptoms we see 

despite people having "normal bloodwork" when they come to our clinic. 

Conditions We See and Help With

Our 3 Step Process

We help you 


We go over your "normal" bloodwork, and give you the time and education you deserve in a healthcare appointment. 

The information found in "normal" Bloodwork forms the foundation of our functional health protocols. 

"Doctor" means "Teacher". 

So, we ensure there is enough time in your appointment for you to learn and understand what is going on with your health. 

It's likely why you came to see us, so why should you leave with questions unanswered? 

You are welcome to submit your prior bloodwork for review during your consultation, or we can discuss what ordering a current workup would entail on a Discovery Call. 

So that your body can 


We like to give you two options after your consultation.

You can work with us, and we can explore what that looks like for your needs and goals.


You leave your consultation with actionable health guidance and advice you can implement today, based on your "normal" bloodwork.

Either way, our goal is that you have useful information about your health, arising from your "normal" bloodwork, that can help you finally see progress in your health journey.  

So that you can 


Whether we work together or not, we endeavor to leave you feeling empowered, understood, heard, and with a clear framework for health success. 

Like what you see? 


We love our Medicare friends and family, but unfortunately, we cannot serve you due to strict regulations surrounding Medicare, Medicaid programs and in-network healthcare providers. 

If you would like to find a provider who can serve you, we'd be happy to redirect you to another Chiropractor or health provider in Utah who is in-network with Medicare.