Dr. Michael Stacey, DC, MS was sick and tired with the current health delivery model that was leaving patients sick and tired.

So he decided to do something about it.  

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Stacey, DC, MS. 

I’m a truth-seeker, health leader, coach, Doctor of Chiropractic, and most importantly, a husband and father. Davar Health was created out of a season of personal hardship - a season where everything felt like it was spinning out of control.

Besides my Faith, the only thing I could exert some control over during this season was my health.

My painful season woke me up to the realization that our society’s general health trajectory is reactive, not proactive.

To put it bluntly, the tools you can utilize to protect yourself and your health have not been communicated well, and this is robbing you and those you love of True Health.

However, there is hope - because you are here - and you are someone who, despite the noise, is capable of taking extreme ownership of your health and living vibrantly in your Health journey. 

Not just surviving, wondering when the next health crisis will hit.

You will be the one that leaves a legacy for those to come after you, while everyone else is living their last days in pain and suboptimal health.

I help families and individuals unlock new levels in their health journey, by using the latest evidence and truth-backed science that shows that their healing journey is found within, harnessing the power of their Innate Intelligence.

I help those who are sick and tired understand the Bloodwork that they likely already have so that they can save time, money, and avoid trading health stress for financial stress. 

My 3 Pillars of True Health are simple: Nutrition, Nervous System, and Movement.

Get these 3 Pillars down for you and your loved ones, and you’ll have people asking 

“What happened to you”? 

in a good way.

If you know that you are capable of fortifying your health, and you are willing to commit to changing the trajectory of your health journey - then I look forward to working together with you.

The Truth is simple, and it lives inside of You.

True Health Speaks.


Dr. Michael Stacey, DC, MS